Episode 1: Pragmatic Meditation


My name is Christiaan Neeteson, 31 years young and currently living in Berlin together with my partner Rebecca. After encountering meditation & mindfulness a few years back it radically changed my life. From incredible emotional turbulence, unhealthy relationships and deep suffering to lightness and ease, the practice radically transformed both my own state of mind and the relationships around me.Christiaan Neeteson and Rebecca Meditation and Mindfulness

Building and supporting

Understanding the importance of this new habit, I set out to build an online community around the practice together with some incredible folks, every day we are growing and currently have around 1300 members from across the world. As of late, I became part of ‘The Mindful Course’ to help others develop and deepen their practice. In short, I believe meditation is for everyone and is a habit that can improve your life and the world around you. I’m determined to do what is necessary to help others decrease their suffering!

Having a community that shares the same goal and is both serious and able to have fun about their interest in the practice can create a remarkable dynamic, support and drive. Unfortunately for many people it is not possible to connect with a real life community around them. This is why I believe in the importance of online communities and sharing these podcasts with you.

What to expect?

I’m sitting down and having a chat with other meditators from around the world to talk about their practice, the lessons they have learned and what they want the world to know. From Zen, Christianity to Secular, all traditions have valuable insights and approaches to awareness, and in this podcast we explore those with you.

For this first episode, I have a chat with David Bowman, 31 year young New-Yorkian, former Rabbi and a background of working in corporate finance. David found his way to Meditation through Judaism and discovered how Pragmatic Meditation can help people who don’t connect with a religion or have no interest in dogma, yet still want to be able to follow the Path of Meditation. David created a free course about access concentration, a way for anyone to practice Meditation with measurable results. You’ll find that the motivation and enthusiasm of David is contagious… and I believe this first episode is a great kick-off to the upcoming podcasts.

If you’d like to talk about this podcast or have some feedback or ideas, please let me know by joining our community here https://discord.gg/NyrM6KH and simply use @christiaan or send me a DM! I would love to hear from you.

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