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We offer Book Club Group Meditation Weekly Discussion Movie Night


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Learn insights and practical tips from ancient old traditions and newfound scientific research.

Our aim is to provide online accountability and support to get started or deepen your practice. A community of people to share your practice with, learn more about other practices and valuable insights.

For all of our activities we use the freeware VoIP application called Discord. Discord specializes in text, image, video and audio communication between users in a chat channel.

We offer Group Meditation sessions, where various teachers share their practice with us. This is a great opportunity for beginners and more advanced practitioners to learn more about various approaches to meditation. Listen to past sessions here

We offer weekly Book Club sessions, where we read a book together and share our experiences and insights together on Saturday. If you are unable to participate in voicechat you can still join us in discussion.

We offer weekly discussion where we talk about meditation, sharing our practice and diving into different practices from across the world.

We sometimes offer a movie night where we relax and watch a movie relating to meditation and mindfulness together.


  • Study Group 09:00 CEST / 15:00 CST / 17:00 AEST
    Hosted by Beishi Guohan (Tsao) and Christiaan
  • Book Club 21:00 CEST / 15:00 ET / 12:00 PST
    Hosted by Tankmetal and Aesthir