Community Update: March 2023

As always, thank you for being a part of the community! We’ve implemented lots of small changes over the past month, so we wanted to fill everyone in on what’s new. If you’re not already a member of our online Discord community, please join us today!

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Staff Changes

JshBet8 and Paix have decided to step down from their moderator positions for an undetermined amount of time. JshBet8 first joined the moderator team in January 2019 and rejoined in November 2021 after a short break. Paix joined the team in February 2021. Both have dedicated considerable time and effort to the community—thank you! They’ll be mingling among our non-staff members until they get the moderator itch again.

Meanwhile, Ronald has rejoined the team after some time away and is eager to deliver some diving elbow drops to trolls and scammers. Welcome back, Ronald!

Channel & Category Changes

As announced earlier in the month, discussion of controlled substances or drugs is now prohibited server-wide, in accordance with the Discord Discovery Guidelines. Due to the strong association with psychedelics, #psychonauts has been renamed #alternative.

We have expanded the scope of #gaming to include other types of entertainment media, including books, movies, and more. The channel has been renamed #entertainment.

Thanks to a server suggestion, we also have a new channel: #gardening! The channel is already off to a good start, with some great discussion about bonsai trees and some very nice pictures. If you’re interested in mindful gardening, come join the conversation!

Additionally, all channel descriptions have been reviewed and updated, when appropriate, and we also revisited the overall channel organization and made some structural changes.

The Mindfulness category is now Mindful Living and the Habit Building category has been renamed Personal Growth. These names are a better fit for the included channels and also better align with the updated website logo text. Several category icons were also changed.

#being-in-nature has been moved to the Sharing/Creative category, and #affirmations, #gratitude, #generosity, and #loving-kindness have been moved to Personal Growth. The new #gardening channel has been placed in Mindful Living.

Community Feature Highlights

We now have a new category of posts on our website: Community Feature Highlights. These posts introduce features that help set the community apart and provide significant value to community members. They also serve as a guide for how to use these features, which new members are often unsure about. As of now, we have released posts for two of our most useful features: @meditate with me and Bloom, our custom bot. We hope you will find them helpful and informative!

New Partner Community

Sanctum Astralis is a community full of great minds from many walks of life. Here we primarily dive into the esoteric, the arcane, the occult, history, philosophy, theology, spirituality, and much more.

We are happy to welcome Sanctum Astralis as a new partner community. While occult and esoteric practices are technically included in our server themes, they tend to get very little coverage. Sanctum Astralis focuses on these themes, offering a welcoming environment and intelligent conversation. We hope that this partnership will be beneficial for members of both communities.

Reminder: Beware of Scammers

Recently, we have seen an increase in scammers contacting members via DM. In particular, two types seem to be popular at the moment: scammers posing as spiritual mediums and scammers posing as crypto asset financial advisers. Never send money to anyone who contacts you unexpectedly via DM. If you receive an unsolicited DM that you feel might be suspicious, please avoid engaging and contact staff by sending a DM to @ModMail, including screenshots when appropriate.

Odds and Ends

We have three new roles available for members: @Atheism, @Soulmaking Dharma, and @any pronouns. If you would like any of these roles, feel free to head over to #Channels & Roles and grab them. We also have lots of new emoji and several new stickers! Do you have any favorites? And finally, congratulations to the newest graduate of our online mindfulness course: @dblaace!

That’s it for our March update. If you have any feedback or suggestions, feel free to get in touch via @ModMail or /suggest!

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