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“Even if you’re not interested in meditation and are looking to associate with nice people, join this server. I’ve spent more than a year on this server and I’ve found this to be the best place on discord to be. Moderators are skilled, attentive and always available to help you. The crowd is mature and respectful. Discussions are deep and sometimes fun. There is always someone you can talk to.”



“Everyone is nice and kind. Staff are skilled and knowledgeable on Mindfulness. There are loads of channels eg “gratitude” and places to express your experiences. The site is full of links to really good stuff and I am still exploring it. There is a mindfulness course you can do.”



“Grateful for the people in here who are positive, uplifting, and encouraging.”



“This is a lovely server with amazing people! Everyone’s so kind and friendly, and if you’re looking for a server that will inspire you to have a consistent meditation practice, this is the perfect server for you.”



“I’m thankful for this awesome server and everyone that’s a part of it! Spread the love :)”

Extence Pain


“my humble assessment, after surveying many realms and as a neurally annealed individual: to me, this one emanates higher valence. here for the reciprocity. global coherence.”



“I love the people on this server, nice and respectful community! Has also helped me keep to my habits and understand new things and words :D”


“I surround myself with intelligent and thoughtful people. Thank you for being those kind of people.”

Finney, Software Developer


“I totally love this Server, the Teachers here and the Community, everyday guided Meditations and a lot of experience everyone can share ❤”



“Feeling especially grateful to see this community thriving. Although I can’t keep up with it all, it’s inspiring to check in and witness so much activity and enthusiasm.”



“Grateful for a community of people who are focused on meditation, mindfulness, introspection, contemplation and growth/flourishing. Thank you for being here and being part of the solution.”

Ron Russell


“Im grateful this place exists, I think of it as a kind of mastermind group in which people can share their subjective experience with others. and often others are willing to share their perspectives. in a way we make one mind, that works to improve all the smaller parts of its self.”



“I have returned to find you beautifully wonderful people, still doing your beautifully wonderful things. I once wanted to write an answer on a page and mail it to all of you. Now I understand my answers aren’t for your questions, they are for mine. I have no more questions. Thank you for sharing this space and time with me. I have everything in this moment, as this moment is all there is. Never incomplete.”



“Grateful for this discord that helped kickstart my meditation almost a year ago now and for all the times I’ve been so blessed to help guide others since then.”

Cosmic Kitty


“This server is very active and is always there for you. The people are very kind and fun to talk with. actually, you HAVE to join this server. It is a different experience!!”


Whether it be music, art, poetry, prose, guided meditations, or any other medium, we aim to share that which is of benefit to the pursuit of a happier mind.

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