Community Update: July 2024

As always, thank you for being a part of the community! Just a quick update to fill everyone in on what’s been happening over the past couple months. If you’re not already a member of our online Discord community, please join us today!

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Thank You to Our Donators

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our newest donators: m sea and Peru S. And very special thanks to our newest Long-Time Supporter, Ronald, and our newest Community Guardian, mind exploration.

Thank you as well to the rest of our current monthly supporters: Candace, NinevenAgnosia, awendela, John, Philipp, Sandy S., rustybikes, acidjames, Krish, Anthony A., Sean, Zachary, and Rebecca W.

Meditation Mind operates 100% on donations, so this community would not be possible without you. See a full list of present and past supporters here.

Community Milestones

On June 15th, our humble YouTube channel reached 10,000 views!

In the Discord community, John reached 120,000 minutes tracked with Bloom earlier this month, making him the first to claim our new 🔥 meditation time role! Once again, thanks for the inspiration, John!

Meditation Tracking Updates

Upon request, we have made a small addition to Bloom’s meditation tracking stats. The footer now includes the average minutes or session count for the period chosen, as shown below.

Channel & Permissions Changes

We have narrowed the scope of #mindful-discussion. Being our primary on-topic channel, we want discussion to revolve around our primary themes: meditation and mindfulness. The channel had begun to stray into a wide range of only tangentially (if at all) related topics, so we hope this will help keep discussion more focused, and ideally, practice-centric.

We have also made significant changes to voice chat permissions. Our community guidelines apply equally to voice chat, but it is very difficult to moderate with our small team of staff. Unfortunately, this is being taken advantage of by some. To rectify this, speaking permissions are now reserved for members who participate in the wider community. VC text chat may still be used freely by all.

Full changes: #the hangout is now restricted to regulars (Cypress or higher). Grasshopper or higher is required to speak in #general voice and #watch together. Additionally, to prevent trolling, Seeker or higher is now required to speak in #group meditation and both #meditate with me channels. Finally, due to inactivity, the #gaming VC has been removed.

More Meditations with Sarah B.

Sarah B. is a rock star! In addition to her Thursday body scan, Sarah now guides a sound meditation on Wednesdays at 7 am Pacific Time. She has also been sharing her morning practice with the community in the form of Silent Sits at 8 am Pacific Time on Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Please join her!

Sarah also guides body scan meditations in VR on Sundays at 8 am Pacific Time and Wednesdays at 3 pm Pacific Time, using the ENGAGE platform.

Odds and Ends

We have added a new book to our Recommended Reading list and several new apps to our list of Free Meditation and Mindfulness Apps. Check them out!

Finally, our free four-week mindfulness course is now available in full on the server! Members no longer need to sign up for an external service and leave the Discord app to take the course. Just visit #mc-info to get started!

And that’s it for our July update. If you have any feedback or suggestions, feel free to get in touch via @ModMail or /suggest!
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