Online Meditation Course with Eric Rockey

We are starting a new online meditation course 100% free and accessible to anyone with a connection to the internet and the ability to use the chat program Discord.

Every week on Mondays we gather in the #courses channel and learn more about meditation, mindfulness and how to apply different techniques. The course is led by Eric Rockey.

Eric is a Unified Mindfulness Level 2 Coach and has studied meditation for over 12 years with teachers including Sayadaw U Tejaniya, Loch Kelly, Adyashanti, Janusz Welin, and Shinzen Young, who is the creator of the Unified Mindfulness system. While the course is aimed at beginners, it is open to meditators of all levels, from those who are simply curious about meditation to advanced meditators who wish to revisit the basics or explore a new system.

The course will span a total of four sessions, each lasting around one hour, on Monday evenings at 4PM PST / 7PM EST, beginning Monday, May 31st.


Eric Roc – Introduction to the course and See/Hear/Feel technique (Part 1)


Eric Roc – Feel/Rest technique (Part 2)


Eric Roc – Feel/Good technique (Part 3)

Eric Roc – Feel/Flow technique (Part 4)

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