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While meditation is commonly regarded as a solo activity, there can be something really powerful about coming together and meditating with others who share a similar intention. Group meditations can be a great source of motivation and accountability, as well.

Scheduling regular, live group meditations for a strictly volunteer-based community that spans the globe is difficult. However, ad hoc group meditations are a great alternative and the @meditate with me role makes organizing them easy. Keep reading to find out how!

First, you’ll want to grab the role. Current members can find the role in the Customize section of #Channels & Roles, while new members will be able to select the role during Community Onboarding, as shown below.

Once you have the role, using it is as simple as ping or get pinged. Whenever a member wants to meditate with other members, they ping @meditate with me (usually in #group-meditation) and invite anyone with the role to join, like so:

People often send out invitations 5-10 minutes before they plan on starting the meditation, but others will ping the role several hours or more in advance. Some people like to ping to gauge interest and then decide together how to proceed. As long as you’re using the role to meditate with others, the finer details are up to you.

Once you’ve decided on a time, you’ll just need to determine the content of the session. Sitting together in silence is a fantastic option, but many people prefer to use recordings of guided meditations from YouTube or other streaming services. This is easily accomplished using the Nero bot or Discord’s native Watch Together feature (YouTube only).

To use a recording, you’ll need to join a voice chat channel. If not in already use, #group meditation VC is fine, but those with the @meditate with me role also have exclusive access to the #meditate with me voice channel, which offers an extra layer of protection from interruptions.

To play a guided meditation recording with Nero, simply use the /play slash command, either in the #group-meditation channel or the voice channel chat, like so:

Using Discord’s Watch Together activity is slightly more involved, but also allows participants to watch video together, instead of only listening to the audio. Watch Together was previously only available on desktop, but should be available on all mobile clients, as of March 20, 2023. Find out more in Discord’s Watch Together FAQ.

And then meditate together! It might seem like a lot at first, but after a session or two, you’ll be able to host impromptu group meditations with ease. If you ever have any issues, you’re always welcome to contact a staff member for assistance. And if you’re not already part of our online community, join us on Discord and let’s meditate together!

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