Episode 8: All about Flow with Joanna Turner

The Podcast format

I’m sitting down and having a chat with other meditators from around the world to talk about their practice, the lessons they have learned and what they want the world to know. From Zen, Christianity to Secular, all traditions have valuable insights and approaches to awareness, and in this podcast, we explore those with you.

What is flow?

You might have heard about Flow. It seems to be an upcoming buzzword like mindfulness… but what is it really? In this episode, I sit down and have a chat with Joanne Turner. We talk about her business, her practice and how she found her energy source to be successful.

Joanna is a leading Wealth & Success Coach, Certified Reiki Practitioner, Advanced EFT & Master NLP Practitioner. She is a mentor to women entrepreneurs and coaches women all over the world to gain momentum in their business. She helps them create a winning mindset, earn the desired income, gain confidence and have the freedom to travel.

How to get in your Flow?

Each person has this place of flow. It is a place of 100% engagement with whatever you are doing. We discover the relationship between Flow & Mindfulness and find out how each person can get in this place of pure flow. Lately, I’ve read up a bit about Flow theory in a course I followed on gamification. For a person to get into the flow, there has to be a reasonable challenge that matches our skill. Too much challenge and you become anxious, too little and you become bored. The sense of pure ecstasy when sliding down that hill on a snowboard or when running those last meters in a marathon. It is what boosts so many athletes and creative people to excel at what they are doing. The good news is; you are capable of accessing this flow state.

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Whatever happens, happens for a reason

In our talk, Joanna points out that what helps her achieve a state of flow is a trust in life, whatever happens, and surrender to it. Whether it is a divine being, higher consciousness or a sense of destiny, it is crucial to achieving this state of flow. The trust that whatever is happening is happening for a reason. This, however, doesn’t mean we start being lazy and pray for things to happen to us. We work towards it. We do our very best to achieve our goals, and those goals manifest in due time. It is a matter of having a little faith in what you are doing. Trusting life and the outcome. Working with what you have at this moment and going from there. Every moment is trying to teach us something, it’s up to us to take the challenge and work with what we have.

Finding what works for you

“Not one way works for everybody. And I started with different access points. And then what I love and what works for me changes. If you are frustrated and meditation doesn’t work for you, that’s ok. Maybe you need to do some crazy bashing a pillow with the baseball bat.”

If something doesn’t resonate with you, go find something you do resonate with. However, sometimes your biggest teacher can be the one you absolutely do not agree with. There is a lesson to learn in everything, but there is a right time for everything. That seems to be the central message in the advice from Joanna. Finding your current access point to mindfulness and becoming your most authentic self.

Want to know more?

If you’d like to know more about Joanne Turner and what she can do for you: http://www.missionforbalance.com/

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