Hosting Events on Discord Stages

Joining the Stage

To join the stage, simply scroll down in the channel list until you see the Voice category, and then click on the appropriate Event Stage (A or B). Unless you have been informed otherwise, your event will be hosted in Event Stage A.

Becoming a Speaker

To step on stage and become a speaker, simply click Speak on Stage. You will see your profile picture in a box under the Speakers section at the top.

Turning on Video

If you are muted (as seen in the video below), click the microphone icon to unmute yourself. To turn on your video, click Turn On Camera. Your profile picture will be replaced with your video feed. You can click on your video feed once to enlarge the feed and twice to enlarge it further. Clicking a third time will return it to the original size.

(Optional) Pop Out / Full Screen

If you prefer to have the stage in a separate window, you can click on Pop Out. To make it full screen, click Full Screen.

Chat and Requests to Speak

Access the stage chat and Requests to Speak via the two icons in the upper-right corner. When a user requests to speak, a red notification will appear on the Requests to Speak icon and a hand will be shown on the requesting user's profile picture. To accept or deny, open the Requests to Speak window and click either Invite to Speak or Dismiss. If you click accept, the user will join you under Speakers. If the user does not step off the stage when they have finished speaking, you can right-click their box and select Move to Audience. You can also manually invite a user to speak by right-clicking their icon and selecting Invite to Speak.

Chat Notifications

When a user sends a message in the stage chat, the message will pop up in the upper-right corner, next to the user's profile picture. You can click on the text to open chat.


To disconnect from the stage, simply click Disconnect Quietly.