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We are building a positive global online community
to support each other on the path of
meditation, mindfulness and self-improvement.
We aim to give you practical tools to improve your life.

Hey you! Welcome!

Helping other people find the right tools so they can make meditation and mindfulness a daily habit. That is what we are all about.

You as a staff member make an important contribution to this. We can support people in what they need and at the same time develop our own mindfulness practice.

I'm Christiaan, 33 years old and founder of Meditation Mind. I enjoy building communities and supporting others in their practice. I'm currently studying to become a certified MBCT/Mindfulness Coach, hoping to help others even more in finding some peace and release from suffering.
Glad you joined us on this journey!

A short history

Meditation Discord Founded

The Meditation Discord was founded by Rob and grew slowly with new users from /r/meditation
November 2016

Ownership transferred

With around a hundred people, the original founder had no time and transferred it to Christiaan
February 2018

3000+ members

We've grown to 3000 members in the meditation discord and collaborate with /r/meditation frequently
October 2019

Reddit Partnership

Partnering up officially with /r/meditation will most likely happen in 2021
Somewhere 2021

Core moderation tasks

Moderate Chat

Help the community stay on-topic and remind them to observe our guidelines where needed. 

Answer Modmail

Requests and other questions or remarks will enter through ModMail. Make sure to answer these within 1-2 days. If you are unsure about the answer or appropriate response, consult with the other staff members.

Respond to @Moderator tags

Strive to answer these tags (if needed) within 3-6 hours.

Bump our server

Help us be visible on Disboard by bumping us 

Mindfulness in action

Our rules and guidelines

:one: Be kind, be civil, be considerate
:two: No sharing of/to pirated material
:three: No unsolicited DM’s (unless staff or DM-friendly tag)
:four: No tagging of roles without permission
:five: No advertising (unless approved)
:six: No politics
:seven: Be respectful towards LGBT+, all ages, all genders, all religions and traditions
:eight: Keep conversation and your username SFW
:nine: No trolling/aggressive/condescending/hateful/violent speech or images
:keycap_ten: This is an all-ages server! Please be mindful that your conversation minimizes casual sexual chat and excessive profanity.

We moderate as follows when above rules are not observed:

  1. Staff notifies the person about behaviour, either through DM or in public chat. Be as clear as possible about the behaviour and what is expected of the member. If you believe the situation will escalate, you can choose to mute* someone.
  2. If behavior continues, you can give a warning. This is done in #area51 with the command ?warn**
  3. After three warnings the user is automatically kicked by our bot. If you expect the member to immediately return without a change in behaviour, please manually ban*** the user instead of giving the third warning. 
  4. Bans are not permanent unless specifically stated, to appeal a ban a user can DM staff

Receiving Moderation

We ask people in public chat not to add fuel to the fire. If staff asks a conversation to stop, please stop. 

If someone is receiving moderation, don’t admonish them or challenge staff. Depending on the intensity of the violation, we may choose to respond differently. If community members disagree with moderation, redirect them to open a ticket in private with @ModMail
We will investigate the matter and do our best to be fair.

Bot Commands

All commands can be used in #area51.
If you forget how to use it, simply use the first part of the command to get more info from the bot (Example: ?warn, or ?ban). Check out the pinned messages in #area51 for some useful information.

*Mute format
?mute username amount of time reason

**Warning format 
?warn @username Concerning: [message in #channel] Reason: [reason for warning] Please refer to @ModMail for questions about this warning

***Banning format
Use “?ban [user id] reason” in #area51. If you ban someone, please add them to our ban list here:
with the reason why they were banned. 

Note format
Add a note for a user so other staff can easily see what they should be aware of. The command is ?note [text] to add it and ?notes @username to get all the notes about a user.

Meet our awesome moderation team


Age: 37
Location: Japan
Current practice: Surrender
Meditation experience: General curiosity and fascination with the mind naturally brought me to meditation. I have a basic knowledge of and have dabbled in many methods and systems, albeit with a heavy bias toward (traditional and secular) Buddhist practices. I have been practicing consistently since late 2018 and have attended one 10-day silent retreat in the Goenka tradition. Rob Burbea's teachings have been and continue to be greatly influential in my journey.
Favorite thing about our community: The Meditation Mind community is open and welcoming, and it exists for the community, first and foremost.
Favorite quote:

"Do not try to become anything. Do not make yourself into anything. Do not be a meditator. Do not become enlightened. When you sit, let it be. When you walk, let it be. Grasp at nothing. Resist nothing." ~Ajahn Chah, A Still Forest Pool


Age: 34
Location: California USA
Current practice: The mind illuminated
Meditation experience: I discovered meditation through wanting to lessen anxiety and going to therapy. my previous practices include: Metta, Tonglen, calm abiding, walking meditation, mindfulness. I still do some of these now too but The mind illuminated is my main
Reason for volunteering: I care about this community and the life changing effect meditation can have, so wanted to help out
Favorite thing about our community: The over all diversity yet openness of people here
Favorite Quote:

Things falling apart is a kind of testing and also a kind of healing. We think that the point is to pass the test or to overcome the problem, but the truth is that things don’t really get solved. They come together and they fall apart. Then they come together again and fall apart again. It’s just like that. The healing comes from letting there be room for all of this to happen: room for grief, for relief, for misery, for joy. -Pema Chodron


Age: 35
Location: Germany
Current practice: Mindfulness and concentration practice
Meditation experience: I discovered mindfulness through "A New Earth" from Eckhardt Tolle and it gave me some insights how I can change the way I think about any problems that may occur.
Favorite thing about our community: the openess and the inspiration I get every day
Favorite quote: "Resist nothing"

Our Mission

The purpose of Meditation Mind is to help people cultivate a meditation mind while also creating a collective of people from across the globe who share a passion for meditation, mindfulness, and healthy living.

From Eastern and Western contemplative traditions to philosophy, psychology, both mainstream and alternative medicine, and even art, all fields provide valuable insights and approaches to mindfulness. We aim to share those insights in an accessible and pragmatic way.