Reiki, Energy healing & Divine Feminine

Reiki, Energy healing, divine feminism and New Age with Law of Positivism
“My mission is to create a higher positive vibration in the world, connecting with loving and light beings.”

In this episode, I talk with Shereen, known as ‘Law of Positivism’ on Instagram. She is a meditation teacher, writer, certified Hatha yoga teacher and Reiki 2 practitioner. We talk about her spiritual journey from business and marketing into energy healing, astrology and Reiki. Her mission is to create a higher positive vibration in the world, connecting with others and sharing her passion. We explore exactly what she does, why she does it and what you can learn from it.

Chakra Energy Healing with Law of Postivism
“All healing start from within and through releasing pain, worry, anger and limiting belief structures, we can reach complete health and wellbeing.”

Energy healing and Reiki

We explore how Shereen got into meditation & mindfulness. From a demanding job to teaching yoga and meditation, she talks about several things that she discovered on her journey. One of them is high sensitivity, how it affects her day to day life and how she found her strength in this personality trait. Energy healing is an alternative medicine approach which aims for healing and channeling energy to the other person. When she had her first session, something opened up and her perspective changed.

Law of Positivism talks about astrology and the wisdom of the stars
“Astrology is the ancient science of the stars, planets, the luminaries and the Universe in whole. It is a science that came into our awareness long before astronomy and psychology, but somehow is the fusion of these two.”

Angel cards & Astrology

Shereen mentions “What the Bleep Do We Know?!”, a film that talks about the spiritual connection between quantum physics and our consciousness. One of her many inspirations in following the path she is currently on. We talk about angel cards. Cards used for guidance in your every day life, to connect with a higher energy for support and inspiration. Another thing she is very interested in is Astrology, another way to connect with a higher energy and learning divine information.

Law of Positivism talks about the Divine Feminine
“Society and media has for long objectified and belittled females to something as insignificant as their appearance, not their soul, intelligence, strength and sacredness.”

Divine Feminine

Coincidentally (or maybe not), we recorded the podcast on the 8th of March, recognized as international women’s day. We talk about the meaning of the Divine Feminine to Shereen. What is the strength of the feminine when walking the spiritual path? It is a subject close to her heart. She calls it the “womb bearers”, the power of being able to carry and birth a child. We talk about the pain of periods and why it can become something to raise your awareness instead of annoy you.

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