Audiobiography of a Yogi

Rajan was a Yogi and trained in meditation for 12 years
“We are not the body or the mind.”

Four months out of a 12-year monastic career, we talk with Rajan Shankara about his time as a yogi. On the island of Kauai, he decided to retreat out of the “world” and dedicate all his time to meditation. He is now a personal trained and teaches meditation. What is his story? Why did he start and why did he quit?

From a broken home to meditation

Rajan came from a broken home, misguided in his view of the world. He pursued this path all the way through high school. After some near fatal experiences he decided to change his life. He changed his ways overnight and started an asphalt company at the age of 18. Rajan still wasn’t satisfied at all with his reality and external. He started to study mystical texts, amongst other things autobiography of a Yogi, and wanted to find out if meditation is real. He vowed to life the life of a homeless meditator in the woods and travelled to the Kauai islands, the oldest of the main Hawaiian Islands.

Rajan Shankara was a hindu monk (yogi) for 12 years

Out of the jungle, into the monastery

He survived off coconuts and trail mix, was familiarized with the island by his sister. The monastery was located on the island. He did a little tour, asked about training and was sent away by the monk there. Rajan wanted to study Raja Yoga and needed a teacher. He went back every day. After a few days, one of the older monks wanted to have tea with him. He was invited to have tea with the monk every day at the same time.

Rajan talks about his time in the Hindu Monastery and Shum Meditation

What it means to be a monk

Finally, Rajan was accepted into the monastery. He stayed for the 6 month basic training and succeeded. Shortly after he was allowed to go back home and make a bigger decision; vow to dedicate his life to meditation and the monastic life. His 12-year journey began, controlling his mind, his body and his speech. Understanding what the ego is and how to transcend it. 12 year is the minimum period before one can take lifetime vows.

In this episode of the project mindfulness podcast, we talk about his journey into hinduism, meditation and mindfulness
“Meditation is a wonderful tool to help us link back to the real part of us inside.”

Not pursuing lifetime vows

He grew up in the monastery. The first two to four years, it was all character adjustment. He was broken down and trained to be a harmonious machine to live the monastic life. It helped shape him into an effective person, who can control the mind. Rajan ultimately decided not to take the lifetime vow. He left harmoniously and is now trying to teach as much as he can. Motivating others to use their body and mind effectively.

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